Introduction talk/presentation

Introduction talk/presentation

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Goals and purpose of introduction talks

Introductory workshops and talks suit audiences that are unfamiliar with effective altruism. Use them for newcomers’ events or for presenting to non-EA groups.

Many EA groups have used a broad 'Introduction to Effective Altruism' talk as a good first event to expose new people to EA for the first time. We've found them useful because: (i) they're very easy to scale - you can talk to a lot of people at once with not much organiser time; (ii) they allow you to transmit the core ideas of EA in a clear, high-fidelity way, (iii) they're a good way to talk to people who are curious about EA, but not ready to commit to an 8-week fellowship or other program.

2. Resources: scripts and slides

3. Pre-talk checklist to complete

We recommend you do the following before hosting your introduction talk:

Practice your introduction talk with your committee or peers and get feedback
Advertise your talk through social and physical media platforms. See Social Media strategy and tabling guide and club fairs for ideas on this.
Ensure you have booked an appropriate space (or online meeting platform, though we recommend conducting the talk in-person if possible)
Purchase snacks for during or after the talk if you are able. For further information on funding see applying for funding for you and your group

4. Guidance on delivering the talk

Please see the following pages for communication guidance, we think they’ll be useful!

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