Canva and social media templates

Canva and social media templates

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. What’s your goal?

We recommend Canva for creating your own graphics to publicise and share your events.

We recommend the Content Creation Dashboard for more generic EA advertising that shares awareness of EA concepts and idea.

2. Canva

We recommend using Canva to create your social media designs. Click here to sign up and join the EA Groups Canva Team! See below for a step-by-step guide for how to navigate through the EA Groups Team. Additionally, if you aren’t familiar with Canva, we recommend you watch this short video on how to use it.

  1. Create a Canva account.
    1. Students can get free access to pro features of Canva via Canva for Education, while non-students can create an account here.
  2. Sign up to the Canva team by clicking this link.
    1. We recommend that only one email per group join the Canva team, as CEA is charged for each user
  3. Click on ‘Projects’ (left-hand bar) and then ‘Folders’.
    1. If your team has little graphic design experience, or little time, we recommend groups use the “EA Groups Default Designs” folder, which contain easy to use (and hard to mess up) designs.
  4. Choose a design you like, hover to get the three dots, and click “Make a copy”.
  5. Then edit.
  6. Download graphics as a jpg or png file, and make sure to choose an appropriate file size. A small size will look okay on screens, but you’ll need a larger file size for printing posters.
  7. Once you’ve downloaded the file, open it up on your computer and zoom in to check the resolution is okay for your purpose.

This video has tips on how to replace elements and images in the EA Groups Default Designs.

3. Other EA logo templates

Please follow this link for our collection of EA logo/EA group logo templates.

4. EA Content creation dashboard

Luca Parodi, Luca Stocco, and Sophie Gullino have created some instagram graphics you can use for marketing.

You can see examples of their content on the Instagram pages of EA Italy (in Italian) and EA Oxford. To access it, you have to be logged in to your Notion account, then click here.