Image: EA Virtual Meet-Up

Coworking involves having members work together in the same (physical or virtual) space, usually on individual projects. These projects don't have to be EA-related.

Coworking has a number of benefits:



For in-person coworking, look for a place with:

Some locations groups have used:

A few groups in EA hubs have managed to get funding to set up an in-person coworking space. For a guide on setting one up (but not for how to get funding for it), you can read this guide by Kris Chari, who set up an EA coworking space in London with Sam Glendenning.

Zoom is generally sufficient for virtual coworking. Most groups ask participants to turn their microphones off, but leave video optional. Some participants like to screenshare what they're working on for extra accountability, but we don't recommend making this a norm. Other options include: