Next steps and optimising your year
Next steps and optimising your year

Next steps and optimising your year

Jul 31, 2023 10:22 AM
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How this track works

  • At the end of this track you'll have:
    • Decided on your strategic focus for your career right now - e.g. have a rough guide for how you're approaching making progress on your career this year
    • Generated promising ideas for what you can take action on now and over the next year
    • Started taking some of those action steps during this 5 week program
  • At the start of this track you'll be coming in with a short and long-list of potential long term paths you could see yourself in, which contribute to solving the global issues that you believe are the most important to tackle. We hope you're at the stage where you're excited and inspired by these potential long-term paths; but you might still be pretty unclear as to what you're meant to do right now.
  • The aim of this track is to convert excitement towards longer-term paths into:
    • a clearer picture of what you have to do now and next year to increase the % chance that you can get one of these long term roles.
    • a clearer picture of what you need to look into to get a better sense of whether you'd enjoy particular long term roles.
    • Go actually start doing some of these next steps.
  • In the first week of the track you'll fill out the workbook. But we expect you'll want to keep on coming back to it.
  • For the remaining weeks of the track you'll get started on doing some action points and use this Career Planning Program as an accountability mechanism to actually go do the things.
  • At the end of this track you will have started to make actual progress and taken real steps towards your career plan. You might have applied to internships, picked classes, started an online course, set up meetings with people, done more research into certain paths etc.
  • At the end of the track you might:
    • Simply continue working through your list of action points
    • Restart the
      Career planning program
      on a different track, or redo the track, if you'd find it useful.

Session 1

In the first session, we'll co-work on filling out the workbook. The first session will be longer than the others, but people can leave when they're done with the workbook.
At the end of the session, submit your workbook to your facilitator for their comments. (You can also continue to work on it after the session)
[Organiser note] You can ask participants to submit via email, or to use a submission form (here's an example of the EA Oxford submission form)
Your facilitator will add comments to your workbook after the session
In your 1-1 with the facilitator after Session 1, you'll discuss what is most important for you to get started on in the remaining weeks of the program
Book in a 1-1 with your facilitator for after the session
[Organiser note] Add a link to your Calendly here. Ideally, make a special event type with a relevant description, duration 15 mins. Have them book a time with you while you are still there on the call or in person. If they wait until later, they'll forget/not book.
In this 1-1 with your facilitator, you'll decide what to focus on & explore for session 2

Sessions 2-5

In between the sessions, start working through your action points that you generated while filling out the workbook
Fill out your section of the collaboration doc before the session
This doc is just a template - you'll need to make a copy for your group with the right number of participant sections. Then you should update this link for your participants.
Have a look at what the other participants have been up to - is there any way you could help each other, chat about similar action points, or share experiences?
In the session, report back on what you've achieved that week - go through what went well and what you need help with.
Work with the facilitator and other participants to work on your plans & figure out how you can make progress.