Global Catastrophic Biorisks

Questions to consider

  • What bioweapons programs currently exist?
  • What have they historically done?
  • What strengths/weaknesses do the biological weapons convention have?
    • What have they achieved recently, and what are they neglecting which EAs could support?
  • How concerned are you about biorisks, and why?
  • How are we more/less vulnerable to biorisks now than we have been previously?
    • Reasons we might be more vulnerable:
      • There is more travel, which allows for the spread of dangerous pathogens.
      • We are more densely populated.
    • Reasons we might be less vulnerable:
      • We have better medicine.
      • We have better hygiene.


As this is an optional week, the readings are a looser summary. Therefore, you're encouraged to go research other information on this topic! Start with the articles that most interest you, and read as much as you can from there.