Semi-Exhaustive Syllabi Collection

Semi-Exhaustive Syllabi Collection

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

Thanks to Irene Hulsen for this!

1.Career Planning Resources

2. Cause-specific resources


a. AI Safety

For more strategic thinking about AI safety field-building, check out [shared] EA Community Building Readings

b. Alternative proteins

c. Animal advocacy/(wild) animal welfare

d. Biosecurity

e. Economics and Global Priorities Research (GPR)

For university courses related to EA and economics, check out this section of this doc.

f. Environmentalism

g. Existential risks/longtermism

h. Forecasting

i. Global health and development/Mental Health

For resources for people to work on their own personal development/mental health, see this section of this doc.

j. Moral philosophy

k. Nuclear Security

l. Rationality

3. Other curricula

Things I don’t really know how to categorize.

4. Self-paced learning about EA

These are just some suggestions, but of course, this list is woefully incomplete