Having good design helps your group stand out and attract people. Check out our subpages below for EA group graphics templates and how to edit them.

This page links all the currently available graphics templates, EA logos, and stock photos for EA groups that we've compiled.

This page includes instructions on how to edit EA Groups Gravit and Canva files, with accompanying video instructions.

Need design/communications help for your group?

Zian Bonoan, a former university group organizer, is available to help EA groups/orgs with their design and communications. You can learn more about her work and contact her here.

She previously handled the design & comms for EA Blue (a uni group in the Philippines). Since August 2022, she he has helped three groups and gotten positive reviews for her work. Her rate is $15/hour, but she’s open to doing it for less if needed or trialing it on a volunteer basis.