Editing Graphics

The EA Groups team has graphics templates available here to use on Gravit or Canva. You can join the Effective Altruism Groups Canva Team by clicking this link. We recommend that only one email per group join the Canva team, as CEA is charged for each user.

Canva is easier to use, but much less flexible than other software like Gravit. But both softwares can be used for free on your web browser. Read the sections below on how to use the Canva and Gravit templates, and some tips on editing the templates and creating graphics.


How to Use These Templates


This video has tips on how to replace elements and images in the EA Groups Default Designs.


This video explains how to make new Gravit files, edit existing EA Gravit files, save, and export.

This video explains how to use Gravit to cut out a shape (e.g. if you want to cut around a photo of a speaker to put them on a different background).

Tips for Editing


The most common fonts used are Raleway and Roboto Slab, which is used in the text of some Effective Altruism logos.

If you are editing or creating in Gravit or Canva, these fonts are already installed. 

If you are creating files using apps on your computer (e.g. Photoshop, Publisher, Word) you need to download and install the fonts (download Raleway, download Roboto Slab) - instructions here.

If you are creating files using Google Docs, you can use these fonts and more by installing the Google Docs add-on “Extensis Fonts)“.

Finding Free Images

Some EA relevant stock images are available here.

Other places for finding great free stock images are:

You can also try Google image search. In the tools menu, click on “usage rights” and select “labeled for non-commercial reuse with modification” so that you only find images you can legally use.

Canva has a selection of free and editable photos you can use within your graphics. When creating a graphic, navigate to the left sidebar and click "elements". You can type in a search term and then click "photos" for readily usable images. 

You can also use these photos from EA groups around the world.

Size Guide

Note: Facebook seems to regularly change the ideal dimensions (and there is a range of contradictory advice out there).

Make the file as large as possible (the more pixels the better) to ensure your print is crisp.