Committee Structures

Last updated April 26, 2023

Image: EA Stanford

The following section contains suggestions on how to structure a committee. University EA groups are usually affiliated with their university, which usually require formal committee structures. However, small uni groups can use their committee structure flexibly. City groups may want to use these structures if they become larger.


General tips

Example committee roles/structure for a group

Sample EA group role descriptions

Both examples below are from university groups:

The resources above may not apply as much to new or small groups, where often 1-2 organizers have to do whatever is needed for the group.

Incorporation (for city and national groups)

If you are considering whether or not to incorporate your EA group (especially for city and national groups), it is important to check the legal regulations that your group will adhere to. If your group is not very large or your members do not have a lot of time, the organisational overhead may not be worth it. EA Melbourne shared the considerations that they made.

Including group organizer experience on LinkedIn

We encourage organisers to include paid and significant unpaid EA community building roles on their LinkedIn profiles, and to connect with EAs you know on LinkedIn. We have specific recommendations in this document on how group organizers reflect their organizing experience on LinkedIn.