1. What is Gatheround?

Gatheround (formerly Icebreaker) is software that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use matching feature for users. It’s great for all kinds of social events, such as speed networking, in-depth discussions and group bonding.

From their guide:

"Gatheround is a video platform designed to bring your community or team together in a playful, interactive and productive way.

There are two parts to a Gatheround: the event room where the host can establish a shared context and guide the tone of the event, and the “games” in which participants break out for one-on-one curated conversations.

People love it, it’s highly interactive by design - it’s the best tool for building digital communities out there!"

CEA is able to provide groups with access to its Gatheround Premium account. You'll need to sign up to Gatheround with the email address you want us to send Premium access to, then email to tell us what group you organize and what email you used. We’ll then add you to the “Centre for Effective Altruism” group.

2. Resources

3. General tips

a. Think about your goals for the event

  • Gatheround seems best for pre-existing groups (e.g. cause area, local, organisations, fellowships) where you want the people in the group to be more comfortable with each other. It seems especially good when people already know each other a little bit or want to reconnect with others in a group.

b. If people come late, it might be useful to have the key points in the event description and encourage them to read it.

  • This is a sample, feel free to alter it: PLEASE READ BEFORE ENTERING IF YOU ARRIVE LATE! HOW IT WORKS:
    1. You can participate in as many or as few games as you like and leave early/arrive late.
    2. Technical: You will need your computer, and you will need to sign in with a Google account or create a Google account. You will need to give permissions for your audio and video.
    3. You MUST join during the 10-second countdown for each round for random matching to occur. We will give you a warning.
    4. There are question prompts on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of the screen (it looks like a card) when you enter a game
    5. You will be able to keep in touch with your matches via the chat icon in the top right corner AFTER today's session is over (don't click before you're ready to leave, or you'll have to re-enter!)

c. Opening Spiel

  • Explain how the matching process works and the 10-second timer
  • Take a minute or so at the beginning to introduce yourselves
  • You don’t NEED to use the cards, they are there as helpers. If you’re having a good conversation, continue on! If you get stuck on a card, don’t worry about finishing the rest
  • You can follow up with matches via the chat icon in the top right corner after the event is over

d. Set expectations for different round lengths. We have found that at least 10-12 minutes is necessary for a reasonable introduction, but people often find this very short.

e. Small groups: You can do longer rounds e.g. 20-25 minutes to avoid double matching and form more meaningful connections with your matches.

f. Fun Games: I think 5-8 minutes is fine for these, and you don’t have to worry about double matching because the goal is to have fun, not make new connections.

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