Giving Game

Giving Game

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Key Information

Length: Short, typically a few minutes per participant.

Cost: Requires funding for charitable donations and materials (money, tokens, containers, sign-up forms, posters).

Target Audience: University students, attendees at Clubs Fairs, and tabling events.

2. Important considerations


  • Offering money attracts people to the table, and interactive gameplay engages participants.
  • Promote Engagement: Gets participants thinking about different approaches to doing good and opens a discussion about effective altruism.
  • Educational Opportunity: Provides a platform to discuss effective altruism concepts and introduce your group to potential new members.

Things to consider:

  • Limited Time: The quick nature of the game may not allow for in-depth conversations.
  • Simplified Choice: Participants might choose charities based on limited information.
  • Potential Distraction: Attracting participants with money might not necessarily lead to long-term engagement with the group's ideas.

3. Preparation

Refer to this guide by Giving What We Can.

4. Event structure

Refer to this guide by Giving What We Can.