Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Key Information

Length: Varies from 10 seconds to 2 minutes (default is 20-40 seconds) per participant.

Cost: Minimal, requires preparation of prompts, flipchart, and potentially AV equipment.

Target Audience: University students, small to medium-sized group events, workshops, fellowships, and conferences.

2. Important considerations


  • Engages speakers and audience members actively in discussions.
  • Allows participants to share key ideas, changed viewpoints, and neglected concepts.
  • Provides a structured platform for exploring EA-related topics and concepts.
  • Enables speakers to receive feedback on their ideas and presentations.

Things to consider:

  • The short time frame may restrict the in-depth exploration of ideas.
  • Some participants might find it challenging to speak up in a short time frame.

3. Preparation

  • Prompts: Create prompts for lightning talk topics
  • Prep: Set up Flipchart with prompts
  • Tech (optional): Potentially provide AV equipment for larger events.

4. Event Structure

Configuration: Have participants stand in a circle.

Instructions: Let participants know that they have 10 seconds to 2 minutes (default is 20-40 seconds) to share a key idea they've been contemplating

Prompts: Refer participants to lightning talk prompts, such as changed viewpoints, neglected ideas, useful concepts, etc.

Time: Time each participant and let them know before they go over the allotted time.

5. Further resources

Other links to help run lightning talks!