Organising Speaker Events

Organising Speaker Events

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Key Information

Length: Variable, depending on the event type and preparation.

Cost: Varies based on event type, potential speaker fees, accommodation, and other expenses.

Target Audience: Effective Altruism (EA) community members, academics, and students interested in EA-related topics.

2. Important considerations


  • Provides a platform for sharing EA-related knowledge and insights through presentations and discussions.
  • Offers opportunities to build relationships and network with influential individuals within academia and the EA community.
  • Elevates the group's reputation within the community and academia by hosting notable speakers.
  • Spreads awareness and educates attendees on EA concepts and cause areas.
  • Allows collaboration with other societies, maximizing publicity and outreach to diverse audiences.

Things to Consider:

  • Requires substantial time and effort for speaker outreach, preparation, and event coordination.
  • High-profile speakers may attract large audiences, but conversion of attendees to regular members might be limited.
  • Misunderstandings with speakers or negative interactions could impact the group's reputation.

3. Preparation

Carefully select and research potential speakers, customize outreach emails, plan event logistics, and ensure technological readiness for virtual presentations.

4. Event Structure

  • Speaker Selection: Identify and research potential speakers within academia, EA, or relevant fields.
  • Outreach and Communication: Craft personalized emails to invite speakers, leveraging personal relationships and explaining EA concepts.
  • Logistics: Secure suitable event locations, arrange accommodation if necessary, and plan speaker dinners for networking.
  • Presentation: Prepare introductions, deliver speaker presentations, and moderate Q&A sessions.
  • Feedback and Follow-Up: Collect feedback from attendees, thank speakers, and maintain post-event communication.

5. Further resources

Key People to Reach Out:

  • Academics: Collaborate with professors and researchers for knowledge sharing and networking.
  • EA Community: Engage with the EA community for speaker recommendations and potential co-hosting.
  • CEA’s Groups Team: Contact the Center for Effective Altruism (CEA) for guidance on connecting with influential academics and researchers.
  • Local Societies: Collaborate with other societies, such as Vegan Society or MedSoc, for joint events and increased outreach.

See the link below for a list of suggested speakers: