EA Opportunities Board

EA Opportunities Board

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. What types of opportunities are featured?

The EA opportunities board feature everything short of permanent positions. We regularly monitor and collect a wide range of opportunities, including internships, volunteer opportunities, conferences, and more. They want to be the go-to board for people interested in exploring what they can do within the effective altruism community. Most of the opportunities featured are within EA organizations and initiatives, but we also feature entry-level opportunities from other organizations working on the most pressing problems.

2. How is this different from 80,000 Hours job board?

This opportunity board features opportunities that require less time or experience, while the 80,000 Hours Job Board focuses primarily on full-time positions, which we don't include. Our hope is that the opportunity board is more accessible to individuals new to the EA community. There is some overlap between the two boards though: like the 80,000 Hours Job board, we feature entry-level internships at EA organizations and other organizations working on the most pressing problems.

3. What do you gain from applying to these opportunities?

Our goal is to help guide you towards an impactful career, so all opportunities on the board lead to impact in at least two of these four ways:

  1. 💡Direct/Increased Engagement with EA Ideas
  2. 📈 Skill-Building & Building Career Capital for Future Impact (see Holden Karnofsky’s post on career choice for longtermists)
  3. 📖 Learning about important Cause Areas
  4. 🧪 Test Your Fit for a Certain Career Path

Everyone's path to making a significant impact can look different, but we think these four categories may be a great place to start.

4. What are some other EA opportunity collections?

There are quite a few. We recommend checking out the Effective Thesis Newsletter for research opportunities and the 80,000 Hours Job Board for full-time positions. You can also check out other opportunity collections like EA Job Postings, the Animal Advocacy Job Board, and the US Policy Careers Database.

5. Can I get funding for unpaid (or underpaid) opportunities?

Possibly. We encourage you to apply for funding from this list of EA Funding opportunities before you decide you can't take a job because of financial constraints.