EAG’s and EAGx’s

EAG’s and EAGx’s

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Overview

  • EA Global conferences are run by the Centre for Effective Altruism
  • Effective Altruism Global X (EAGx) is the locally organized international conference series of the effective altruism community

EA conferences have been transformative experiences for some members of the community; they’ve led to changes in cause prioritisation and career paths, as well as significant increases in their ambition to improve the world.

It is possible that most of the impact of EA conferences comes from their effects on the small percentage of attendees who have these life-changing experiences. So it’s worth thinking about how to increase the chances that you (or your group members if you're an organizer) could be among those attendees!

2. Suggestions for preparing for the conference

  • Set aspirational goals (as well as more realistic goals). Think about who you would have to talk to, and what would have to happen at the conference, in order for you to achieve these goals.
  • Prioritise scheduling one-on-ones over watching talks (which can be watched online after the conference). Post-conference surveys indicate that much of the value of EA conferences comes from one-on-one conversations.
  • If you are a member of an EA group, consider hosting a pre-conference planning meetup for the group members that are attending the conference.

3. Resources for group organizers on EAG/EAGx

  • Info on EA Global and EAGx for EA Group Organizers by CEA’s Groups Team. This resource talks about how group organisers should talk about the value of attending EAG or EAGx conferences with your group members, why, when, and how to encourage people to apply, and how to coordinate travel plans and get group funding for it.

4. Resources for anyone attending an EAG/EAGx

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