Key contacts

Key contacts

Last updated: 9th April, 2024

1. For university groups

Joris Pijpers is your key support person. Reach out to the Uni Groups Team at If you’re starting a new uni group, we may refer you to have a call with our welcomer, Antonio Azevedo ( If you're a later stage group, we may refer you to

2. Other contacts at CEA for groups

For city and national groups on a Community Building GrantNaomi Nederlof ( is your main contact person.

For all non-student groups that aren’t on a Community Building Grant we unfortunately do not have a contact person for you anymore. You may try reaching out to though, and we’ll see if someone in the team can answer your question. Generally, before reaching out, we recomend you to apply to a Virtual Programs’ introductory course and read the resources on this website.

Catherine Low ( is the main Community Health contact person for all EA groups. Contact her if you are having any challenges with your group or would like help managing risks of your group activities. You can also fill in this form (anonymously if you wish) to reach the whole Community Health team.

For all groups with requests or questions related to group support funding, tech (e.g., buying a domain for your group), organizer certification, your group’s data or Forum pageyou can contact Alex Dial at or on the EA Groups Slack.

3. Connecting with other university or local groups

It can be really useful to chat to other group organisers about your plans and uncertainties. We recommend using the EA Groups Slack - you can find the link on the things we recommend you sign up to page. You can also go to this link to this page on the forum for a database of the different groups that exist to find the ones near you.