Things we recommend you sign up to

Things we recommend you sign up to

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Highly recommended

a. EA Groups Slack

If you don’t already use Slack, we highly recommend it as a way of communicating with your members. On this Slack page, EA groups from around the world share resources and ideas.

EA groups Slack workspace, where you can share resources and ask questions. Sign up here.

b. EA Groups Newsletter

The EA Groups Newsletter sends you important updates about community building every month. Sign up here.

2. Recommended

a. 80,000 Hours Newsletter

This newsletter informs you of important updates in the career-development and exploration side of effective altruism, as well as highlights from their popular podcast. Sign up here.

b. EA Forum Email Digest

The EA Forum is a place where many EA’s share ideas and in. Sign up here to their weekly summary of popular articles.

c. General EA Newsletter

A newsletter giving an update of what’s been happening in the EA community. Sign up here.

d. EA Opportunities Newsletter

A newsletter sending you information about the most recent updates in the internships and jobs that you might be interested in. Sign up here.

e. Global Challenges Project News and Updates

The Global Challenges Project run regular 3-day existential risk workshops, amongst other things. We think these are great for exploring your thinking further: click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for updates on when these are!

f. Slack workspaces

Click here to view a google sheets detailing some of the ea-related slack spaces you can join.

g. Rethink Priorities Newsletter

A newsletter sending you information about the most recent updates about the work Rethink Priorities are doing. Sign up here.