Retreats & Unconferences

Image: EA Norway

Retreats involve community members gathering for two or more days, usually out of the city and usually have group bonding as one of the key goals. Retreats are usually held by large EA groups, regional or national groups. Feel free to get in touch with Catherine at for more advice on running a retreat.

Retreats fall into a continuum from

  • Unconferences

    • These are more intense trips where participants learn or work on projects together. Activities are planned and usually scheduled in advance by participants and organisers.

  • Casual retreats

    • The goal is to have fun and bond with others.

Activities can include social activities, talks, career planning, intensive workshops, and working on projects.

Group retreats have ranged in size from less than 10 people (core members of a group only) to over 50 people.


This Google Drive folder has templates and useful resources. Feel free to make copies for your own use!