Exploring job paths + Finding ways to make a difference
Exploring job paths + Finding ways to make a difference

Exploring job paths + Finding ways to make a difference

Jul 31, 2023 10:22 AM
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How this track works

  • At the end of this track we hope you'll have several good candidates for job roles that you can aim towards over the long term, which would allow you to actually make a difference on solving the global issues you most prioritise.
  • We hope that these longer-term job paths are a useful and inspiring North Star as you start on your career journey. It's motivating to have a clearer picture of how you personally can contribute to solving big problems. This might be the first time in which you see how EA can be personal and relevant to your life.
  • During this track you'll generate lots of ideas for longer-term roles, using your current best guess of top global issues as an input. You'll use a variety of techniques to generate ideas, and clarify your strengths and personal priorities in the process.
  • You'll discover your uncertainties about various roles and spend the Career Planning Program trying to make progress on resolving the uncertainties and exploring particular paths in more detail, trying to work out whether it's something that you might want to aim for.
  • In each week of this track, you'll pick a longer-term path to research, and you'll present your findings to your cohort for input.
  • At the end of this track, you will be in a position to do the
    Next steps and optimising your year
    Next steps and optimising your year
    track. You'll leave this track with a shortlist of promising longer-term paths that you're excited to aim for, and a more detailed picture of what you need to do now and next year to either get into one of those paths or to reach a better understanding of which one would be the best fit for you.
  • We expect that the list of your top longer-term paths will get updated over time. The aim is to get concrete enough such that you can take useful next steps on your career over the next year.

Session 1

In the first session, we'll co-work on filling out the workbook. The first session will be longer than the others, but people can leave when they're done with the workbook.
At the end of the session, submit your workbook to your facilitator for their comments. (You can also continue to work on it after the session)
[Organiser note] You can ask participants to submit via email, or to use a submission form (here's an example of the EA Oxford submission form)
Your facilitator will add comments to your workbook after the session
Book in a 1-1 with your facilitator for after the session
[Organiser note] Add a link to your Calendly here. Ideally, make a special event type with a relevant description, duration 15 mins. Have them book a time with you while you are still there on the call or in person. If they wait until later, they'll forget/not book.
In this 1-1 with your facilitator, you'll pick a longer-term path to explore for session 2

Sessions 2-5

  • In Sessions 2-5 you'll investigate a job path of your choice each week, and deliver an informal 5-10 minute presentation on the job path in each session.
  • You can use this template that we've designed to help you.
Find or generate a reading list about your chosen job path. If relevant, add it to the database below.
Before the session, do your research on the job path and prepare your notes for your presentation.
Present on your topic to the rest of the cohort in the session.
After the session, pick another job path for the next week or choose to explore the same one in more depth.

Example presentations