Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Where to print the t-shirts

If you're in the US or UK we recommend you order on Ramp. We recommend their premium t-shirt which has been used at EA Global.

We think it's worth ordering a minimum of 50 shirts. That brings the cost down to $13-15 per shirt. It's harder to get a lower price unless you're buying more than 500 shirts.

We think having spare t-shirts is good - for example, you could give them out at your activities fair, during events, or to new members of your committee/board when they join.

2. What t-shirt quality should I buy?

Whatever you're buying, we recommend that you prioritise comfort, as it makes it more likely that people wear them day-to-day. The potential benefits here look roughly like:

  • Shirts are extremely comfortable (soft, well fitting)
    • → everybody wears them substantially more
      • → they are more visible at EA events when they attend wearing it
      • → maybe they get asked more about EA in random interactions

3. Alternative designs you can use

If you're really keen on customising your shirt, you could replace the EA Logo with one specialised to your local group.

For example, EA Oxford's logo incorporates the shape of our most recognisable university building, the Radcliffe Camera.