Books and roll-up banners

Books and roll-up banners

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Books

We think EA-related books are a great way to to encourage members to dig more deeply into EA. Books can be purchased with grants made for general group expenses; see the applying for funding for you and your group page for information on how to apply.

Some ways you might want to use books:

  • Create a small library of EA-related physical books your members can borrow.
  • Giving out books as part of fellowship or discussion groups.
  • Give away books outside of discussion events.

Some books you might want to consider sharing:

  • Doing Good Better - William MacAskill
  • The Life You Can Save - Peter Singer
  • The Precipice ~ Toby Ord
  • 80,000 Hours - Find a Fulfilling Career That Does Good ~ Benjamin Todd
  • The Scout Mindset ~ Julia Galef
  • How to Create a Vegan World ~ Tobias Leenaert
  • The Alignment Problem ~ Brian Christian
  • What We Owe The Future ~ William MacAskill
  • Super Forecasting ~ Philip E. Tetlock & Dan Gardner

2. Roll-up banners

Roll-up banners are great for your freshers’/orientation/club fair and for general tabling.

Here are two options on where to have a banner printed:

  1. UK banner printer
  2. US banner printer

You can use the template below here.