80k advising application session

80k advising application session

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. Key Information

Length: The session should last 1-2 hours.

Cost: Minimal cost.

Target Audience: Individuals seeking career planning guidance and alignment with effective altruism principles; those who have already completed the equivalent to an introduction fellowship.

2. Important considerations


  • There is a very tangible goal that is likely to be achieved during the session: a submitted application for 80k advising.
  • Participants may have the opportunity to speak to someone very knowledgable about EA ideas who can then refer them to further resources tailored to them.

Things to consider:

  • If participants are unsuccessful this may be de-motivating.
  • There is little room for group discussion and engagement.
  • People are able to apply without attending the session, so organisation of the event may be not worth the time. However, we think it can be useful to run a formal ‘session’ for this as it provides accountability and almost ‘ensures’ people will submit their application in a given timeframe.

3. Preparation

Very little preparation is required for this session. Simply ensure your members have a computer and have good knowledge of EA principles, at least equivalent to having completed an introductory fellowship.

4. Event Structure

  1. Introduction (5 minutes)
    • Welcome note by the society president or representative
    • Brief introduction to Effective Altruism and its principles
    • Overview of the 80,000 Hours initiative and the importance of high impact careers
  2. Why 80,000 Hours Career Coaching? (10 minutes)
    • Presentation or video on the value and impact of the 80,000 Hours coaching
    • Success stories or testimonials from individuals who've benefited from the coaching
  3. Application Overview (5 minutes)
    • Explaining the purpose of the application
    • Outlining the areas covered in the application
    • Mentioning the expected duration (45 minutes) and the importance of thoughtful and honest responses
  4. Break-out Session for Questions (10 minutes)
    • Students can ask clarifying questions about the application or about the 80,000 Hours initiative
    • Representatives or previous beneficiaries can help answer questions
  5. Application Filling (45 minutes)
    • Students begin filling out the application
    • Society members or representatives should be available to answer any questions or provide clarifications during this period
    • If possible, ensure a quiet environment for focused work
  6. Post-Application Debrief (5 minutes)
    • Thank attendees for their time and effort
    • Explain the next steps in the process (e.g., when they can expect to hear back, how selections will be made, etc.)
  7. Feedback Collection (Optional, 10 minutes)
    • Provide attendees with a short feedback form or digital survey to understand their experience, gather suggestions, and continuously improve future session

5. Further resources

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