Gatheround Guide

Written by Vaidehi Agarwalla back in 2020, with minor updates made on February 21, 2023


What is Gatheround?

Gatheround (formerly Icebreaker) is software that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use matching feature for users. It’s great for all kinds of social events, such as speed networking, in-depth discussions and group bonding. 

From their guide:  

"Gatheround is a video platform designed to bring your community or team together in a playful, interactive and productive way.

There are two parts to a Gatheround: the event room where the host can establish a shared context and guide the tone of the event, and the “games” in which participants break out for one-on-one curated conversations.

People love it, it’s highly interactive by design - it’s the best tool for building digital communities out there!"

CEA is able to provide groups with access to its Gatheround Premium account. You'll need to sign up to Gatheround with the email address you want us to send Premium access to, then email to tell us what group you organize and what email you used. We’ll then add you to the “Centre for Effective Altruism” group.


General Tips

EA Shared Template Events

Once you’ve signed up, email with the email address you signed up to Gatheround with and one of us will add you to the “Centre for Effective Altruism” group within 2 work days.

Duplicating events to use for your group

Adding templates to the shared group

Anyone can add to the template events. If you add a template event, please include the following:

Event Ideas

There are templates for most of these in the Group Folder.

Small group matching

There is now small group matching, so you can match with more than 1 person on gatheround! You can pick on a per-game basis, so you can alternate between 1-1 and small groups.

Game duration: I think at least 20 minutes for group matching, but of course we will need to experiment :)

Limitations: Currently it looks like you can't control the number of people matching, they say they'll default to groups of 4 but it could be groups of 2-5, so plan accordingly! (Latecomers will be matched 1-1 with each other)


See these Questions from EAGxVirtual.

Speed Networking

Speed Updating

Mixers - A/B Group Matching