Organiser Meetings

The following section provides tips on how to run organiser meetings. It covers the main tasks and roles for before, during and after the meeting.


Before the meeting

Decide on the topic of discussion

Common meeting topics:

Determine a meeting venue

Suggested venues:

Meeting leader roles

If you have a president, this person is the default meeting leader, but can assign the meeting to another organiser.

Meeting leader’s tasks:

During the meeting

Suggestions for the Meeting Leader

Suggestions for the Note-taker

Ideally write notes onto a shared document. Usually the agenda is a good place as hopefully everyone has a version of this. It is probably best to take notes of key points and decisions rather than write down everything that is said.

The notes should include:

After the meeting

The note taker should read over the notes to edit where required, then send the document to the group. Put the action points, due dates and responsibilities in the body of the message to make it really obvious who has to do what!

The meeting leader (or project leader) should follow up with individuals on their tasks.