Checklist: what’s next for your members?

Checklist: what’s next for your members?

Last updated: 4th October, 2023

1. How to use this page

We think that lots of the things on the list below are useful for lots of people who are reasonably new to EA. However, we're aware that everyone has different experience and needs, so we don't want to say that you have to do everything below. Instead, we think you should view it as a (roughly) in order list of steps that people interested in EA can take to develop and learn.

2. The checklist

Things to do

Introductory fellowship / reading an introductory text.
Read a book on a specific cause area you're interested in. See here for suggested, and popular books related to EA cause areas. See Andy Matuschak’s post for reasons why reading articles and shorter summaries of information may be more helpful!
Sign up to things on this page: things we recommend you sign up to.
Read at least 10 non-community posts on the EA forum, write at least 5 comments.
Think about your career.
Apply for career advising.
Write a career plan document.
Think about the next steps you can take. Make them concrete and time-bound.
Share with EAs you know for feedback.
Complete a secondary fellowship: see our post-intro fellowship: syllabi and programs page for ideas.
Read the sections that seem relevant to you in this section of the EA Handbook.